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12 Solar, Battery, Wind Workshops Portland: 2017

We did it again! Designed and ran 12 fun hands-on renewable energy workshops in Portland as a part of the GirlsBuild summer camps! At the Portland camps, we hosted 12 hands-on workshops, working with 120 girls ages 8 to 14. We provided girls the tools, knowledge and hands-on experience of installing solar panels and an introduction to engineering fundamentals for wind energy.

We even had 8 workshops that included installing a functional battery back-up system for a 3-solar panel array complete with an outlet into which we plugged an electric fan.

Over the past two summers, between Portland and Grant's Pass, we've introduced 216 girls to wind and solar energy - and engaged them in their many career possibilities.

The folks who made it possible: Thank you to Kaitlin, LauraNicole, Cayleigh, and Jess for developing effective curriculum, sourcing and building the equipment - as well as volunteering day-of to run the workshops.

Thank you to Katie, Erica,LauraDeonna, JenniferDiana, Lori, Lara, Becky and Lauren Phillips for organizing and volunteering with us during the workshops!

Thank you to CED Greentech PNW for donating equipment and lending us volunteers, True South Solar and Imagine Energy for lending us volunteers and tools, Backwoods Solar for donating equipment, and Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Sunlight Solar, Platt, 7Skyline, Vestas for lending us your awesome staff as volunteers!


4 Grant’s Pass Solar Workshops: 2017

This year we joined GirlsBuild at their first southern Oregon summer camp. The solar demo roof and panels made their way down to Grant's Pass in the GirlsBuild school bus and Kaitlin Borstelmann joined them to run 4 solar workshops for girls ages 8 to 14. This round of workshops included lessons of pulling, cutting and stripping wire, as well as coupling and connecting conduit in addition to the basics of solar energy and installation. Thank you CED Greentech PNW for donating balance of system equipment and again to Solar4RSchools for allowing us to borrow solar cells and toys to really demonstrate the power of solar to the girls. They had a blast! 42 girls total.

8 Solar Workshops at GirlsBuild: 2016

Volunteers from POWERpnw solicited in-kind donations of materials, tools and equipment to run 8 solar workshops across two days as a part of the trades-focused curriculum of the GirlsBuild Summer Camps. Our solar workshop let girls ages 8 to 16 build their own circuits with tiny solar cells, learning the basics of solar energy and then taught them how to install solar racking and full-sized solar panels on a demo roof placed safely on the ground for easy access. 80 girls were taught about the science behind solar power, the basics of solar equipment installation on a rooftop and what career choices are available to them in the renewable industries. 80 girls total. Camp made possible thanks to these POWERful volunteers: Kaitlin Borstelmann, Laura Klement, Laura Nicholson, Nicole Clock, Lulu Mosman, Nicole Weinstock, and Heather Bright. And with donations of time and resources from The Rebuilding Center, Sunmodo, and Solar4RSchools. Thank you!

Solar Engineering at Chicktech: 2016

Cayleigh Allen and Kaitlin Borstelmann hosted an all-day solar energy classroom as a part of the 2016 Chicktech S.T.E.M. summer camp. This workshop focused on girls in 6th to 8th grade. The girls were taught the science behind solar energy utilizing solar circuits and toys from Solar4RSchools. They were also taught how to solder their own solar cells to circuits to create solar-powered USB chargers with their own creative packaging that they were allowed to take home and keep. The girls learned about different career avenues available to them in renewables, with a focus on engineering. 16 girls in total.